Moose's Lunch Features

The Lunch Menu is served Monday to Friday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (except holidays).

It's a whole new month and our culinary inspired team have put together another months worth of new flavours including some that are sure to be winners.

Download our current Lunch Features menu.

In a hurry????

All of our lunch items are made by hand and to order. We do our very best to meet our guests expectations between the hours of 12pm and 1pm, but sometimes your help can help us. It is HIGHLY recomended to use the PRE-ORDER option if you know you are coming. Here's how to do it…

  1. Print off a copy of the Lunch Menu or e-mail it to everyone in the office using internal e-mail
  2. When you have decided to come for lunch, have one person call the Moose and let us know
  3. We will need the number of people arriving, the time you will be arriving, what everyone will have to drink, and what they will be eating that day.
  4. When you order from the Monthly Lunch Features, your beverage is included in the price. To make it even easier, here are your options: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-up, Ice Tea, Root Beer, Orange, Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Water, Coffee or Tea
  5. Our phone number is 705-472-8834

We hope we have made it easy as possible for you to enjoy your lunch in the time frame you have. Our staff is committed to doing the very best, everytime to ensure our food is served fresh, to order, in a clean and safe working environment.


Phili Personal Pizza

Fresh baked personal size pizza with, shaved Beef Sautéed onions peppers and mushrooms and mozzarella. $9.99

Fish Club Sandwich

 A piece of breaded haddock on a grilled brioche bun topped with tartar sauce and coleslaw lettuce and tomato. Served with a choice of side. $ 11.75

Vegetarian Cross Track Nacho

Our famous cross track nachos with a twist. Our same delicious cross trax topped with cheese, diced peppers, diced onion. Baked in the oven and topped with tomatoes and green onions. Served with sour cream $11.75

Baked Bruschetta Linguini

Spicy Italian sausage, linguini noodles tossed in pesto alfredo, with cheese and baked to perfection. Topped with bruschetta and fresh parmesan. Served with a piece of garlic bread. $13.99

If you live within 100 miles of North Bay and you've eaten a chicken wing, you know where we are. For anyone else:

134 Main Street East North Bay, Ontario P1B 1A8
Phone: 705-472-8834

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