Our crispy wings are a local tradition around these parts and we haven’t changed the recipe one bit! Every wing is made to order and never pre-cooked. They are dusted by hand in our very own seasoned flour and tossed in your choice of over 100 of our signature sauce creations.

At the Moose we serve fresh, made to order wings that are larger than normal. We take great pride in keeping our tradition the same by doing every step of the cooking process by hand.

Ask us about our Premium Wings, as well as Boneless Wings.

Order by Numbers

1 lb. | 2 lbs. | 3 lbs. | 4 lbs. | 5 lbs. | 6 lbs. | 10 lbs. |20lbs.

We're Keeping the Tradition Alive

A Hub Cap of 4 lbs. and a 60oz jug of Draught or

The Rules

When ordering our wings tossed in sauce the following rules will apply:

  • 1 lb - 1 flavour
  • 2 lbs - Can be split into 2 flavours
  • Anything above multiples of 2 lbs will be sauced by the 2 lbs no splitting!!! If you order seasoned wings you have a different sauce for every lb of wings on the side.


The Basic Sauces

Northern Heat
Honey Garlic
BBQ Guinness

Hickory BBQ
Sweet Chili
Caribbean Jerk
Mesquite BBQ
Honey Mustard
Canadian Maple
Sweet 'N Sour

2nd Degree
Raging Buffalo
Pineapple Curry
Chipotle Baja
Tangy Thai
Wet Cajun
Zesty Orange Ginger
Moose Style Mild
Moose Style Med
Moose Style Hot
Creamy Lemon Dill
Ultimate Chili & Lime
Ranchers Choice
Mighty Caesar

Dry Flavours

Seasoning Salt
Dry Cajun
Dill Pickle
Lemon Pepper
Salt 'N Pepper
Sour Cream & Onion
Salt & Vinegar
Montreal Steak Spice


The Creations

Oh Canada

Stompin Tom

Maple BBQ & Hickory BBQ

Wayne Gretzky

Maple BBQ & Mild

Don Cherry

Maple BBQ & 2nd Degree

Avril Lavigne

Maple BBQ & Hot

Alan Thicke

Maple BBQ & Northern Heat

John Candy

Maple BBQ & Fat Boy

Gord Downie

Maple BBQ & Raging Buffalo

Pamela Anderson

Maple BBQ & Honey

Tim Horton

Maple BBQ & Ultimate Chili & Lime

Hick Town B.B.Q

Surfing Stampeder

Hickory BBQ & Pineapple Curry

Cow Bee

Hickory BBQ & Honey Mustard

Howdy Partner

Hickory BBQ & 2nd Degree

Cow Girl

Hickory BBQ & Hot

Rude Texan

Hickory BBQ & Jerk

Calgarian BBQ

Hickory BBQ & Mesquite BBQ

Barn Door Backfire

Hickory BBQ & Northern Heat

Munny Shot

Hickory BBQ & Fat Boy

Red Headed Cowboy

Hickory BBQ & Zesty Orange Ginger

The Bee Hive

Overworked Bee

Honey Garlic & Honey Mustard

Honey Cowboy

Honey Garlic & Hickory BBQ

Canadian Honey

Honey Garlic & Maple BBQ

China Bee

Honey Garlic & Teriyaki

Buzz Off

Honey Garlic & Jerk

Farmers Daughter

Honey Garlic & Hot

Not So Hot Farmers Daughter

Honey Garlic & 2nd Degree

Raging Bee

Honey Garlic & Raging Buffalo

Fat Bee

Honey Garlic & Fat Boy

Northern Honey

Honey Garlic & Northern Heat

Queen Bee

Honey Mustard & Northern Heat

Killer Bee

Honey Garlic, Honey Mustard & Homisuicide


Surfer Girl

Pineapple Curry & Tangy Thai

Jamaican Me Crazy

Pineapple Curry & Jerk

Hawaiian Eskimo

Pineapple Curry & Northern Heat

Island Mist

Pineapple Curry, Sweet & Sour

Resting Volcano

Pineapple Curry, Sweet Chili

Maui Wowie

Pineapple Curry & Big Boy

Ginger Me

Zangy Zappers

Zesty Orange Ginger & Cajun

Island Jammin’

Zesty Orange Ginger & Jerk

Midnight Sun

Zesty Orange Ginger & Northern Heat

Citrus Zingers

Zesty Orange Ginger, 2nd Degree & Worcestershire

Ginger Bee

Zesty Orange Ginger & Honey Garlic

Tequila Sunrise

Zesty Orange Ginger, Ultimate Chili & Lime

SPF 47

Zesty Orange Ginger & Hot


Smokey Mountain

Mesquite BBQ & Teriyaki

Smoked Thai

Mesquite BBQ & Tangy Thai

Tony “Smoke” Stewart #14

Mesquite BBQ & Jerk

Smokin’ Buffalo

Mesquite BBQ & Raging Buffalo

Britney Spears

Mesquite BBQ & Hot (Smokin’ Hot)

Smokin’ Bee

Mesquite BBQ & Honey Garlic

Tommy Chong

Mesquite BBQ & Ultimate Chili & Lime

East & West

Mesquite BBQ & Montreal Steak Spice

Home on the Ranch


Ranch & 2nd Degree

Wild Ranch

Ranch & Sweet Chili

Cowboy Ranch

Ranch & Hickory BBQ

Northern Ranch

Ranch & Northern Heat

Smokin’ Barn

Ranch & Mesquite BBQ


Ranch & Honey Garlic

Barnyard Bee

Ranch & Honey Mustard

Maui Ranch

Ranch & Pineapple Curry

Buffalo Ranch

Ranch & Raging Buffalo

Fat Farmer

Ranch & Big Boy

This & That

Cabby Wings

Lemon Pepper & Fat Boy

For Better for Worse

Lemon Pepper & 2nd Degree

Who’s Your Daddy

Teriyaki & Northern Heat


Plum, Cajun & Northern Heat


Cajun, Honey Garlic & Worcestershire

Smokin’ Louisiana

Cajun, Plum & 2nd Degree

Red Blazing

Raging Buffalo & Hot, Worcestershire

Park Avenue

Mesquite BBQ, Worcestershire, Honey Mustard & Hot

House of Blues

Blue Eyed Babe

Blue Cheese

Red, White & Blue

Blue Cheese & Hot

Blue Bombers

Blue Cheese & Fat Boy

The Maple Leafs

Blue Cheese & Maple BBQ

Blues Q’s

Blue Cheese & Hickory BBQ

Smokey Blues

Blue Cheese & Mesquite BBQ

Blue Buffalo

Blue Cheese & Raging Buffalo

Honey Blues

Blue Cheese & Honey Garlic

Aloha Blues

Blue Cheese & Pineapple Curry

Rhythm & Blues

Blue Cheese & Sweet Chili

Luck O' Irish

Canadian Leprechaun

BBQ Guinness & Maple BBQ

Irish Farmer

BBQ Guinness & Ranch

Blarney Stone

BBQ Guinness & Hickory BBQ

Brian Cowen

BBQ Guinness & Fat Boy

Colin Farrell

BBQ Guinness & Hot

Lucky Charms

BBQ Guinness & Honey Garlic

Fighting Irish

BBQ Guinness & Raging Buffalo


BBQ Guinness & Ultimate Chili & Lime

Drop Kick Murphy’s

BBQ Guinness & Jerk

Conan O’Brien

BBQ Guinness & Zesty Orange Ginger

Boondock Saints

BBQ Guinness & Sweet Chili

Hail Caesar

Mighty Caesar

Creamy Caesar & Asiago

Angry Roman

Mighty Caesar & Hot

The Gladiator

Mighty Caesar & Raging Buffalo

Toga Party

Mighty Caesar & Sweet Chili

The Colosseum

Mighty Caesar, Hot & Homisuicide

First Date No, No...

Mighty Caesar & Honey Garlic

Roman Goddess

Mighty Caesar & Honey

Canadian Embassy

Mighty Caesar & Maple BBQ

We cannot guarantee crispy wings for take-out or equal amounts of drums and wings on any order.
Due to supply and demand our wings sometimes may vary in size, therefore we will add extra wings to compensate when needed.
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