Gateway City Brewing 137 Pale Ale

Category: Craft

Type: Pale Ale

Country: North Bay, ON, Canada

Brewer: Gateway City Brewing

Alcohol Content (ABV) : 5.1%

Simple, approachable, drinkable yet packed with flavour. Featuring canadian

pale ale malted barley & rye and american grown Cascade & Centennial hops.

Expect a light, citrusy flavour with floral, grapefruit, and orange

flavours from the hops and a slightly malty & medium-dry backbone from the


Perfectpint – Line Maintenance and Beer Gas 
Moose’s Cookhouse is dedicated to providing our guests with clean and bacteria free draft lines. We take pride in letting our customers know we care about cleanliness. Moose’s Cookhouse is proudly using the services of Perfectpint a Division of Huronia/MED-E-OX for our draught services. Perfectpint and their certified technicians bring over 50 years of experience in the Beverage Industry, to ensure the cleanliness, and consistency of the draught lines are professionally installed, maintained and cleaned once every three weeks. We also use a speciality “Beer Gas” for our system. “Beer Gas” is a nitrogen and CO2 mixture specially designed for dispensing a range of different beers to ensure the best quality in every pint. This customer guarantee is to ensure you, the valued customer can enjoy what you came for, and trust what you are getting will be “The Perfect Pint” Cheers! (

If you live within 100 miles of North Bay and you've eaten a chicken wing, you know where we are. For anyone else:

134 Main Street East North Bay, Ontario P1B 1A8
Phone: 705-472-8834

Proudly Operating in Northern Ontario
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